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How soon to see results with acupuncture?

Most often, as with a pain complaint, you will leave my office feeling better at the end of a treatment.

However, some people see the improvement occur over the next few days after the acupuncture treatment. Everyone will experiance a change from receiving an acupuncture treatment - some see big changes and others see smaller incremental improvements over time.

With chronic internal issues that you may have had for many years – the timeline is unique to you. You may see results in unexpected ways, perhaps your skin clears up (maybe that wasn’t your main complaint), or you are less anxious etc. It’s always amazing how the body starts to reclaim it’s health and vitality when given a chance.  Some paitients for example who complain of insomnia may sleep better after the first treatment or they may find that during a course of treatments they slowly feel more rested, wake less during the night, and eventually slip into a normal sleep cycle that they may not have had for years.

The short answer is, it depends on many factors. If you have specific concerns I'm happy to answer your questions. Please call me at 407 484 7600 or email me at info@davidmacg.com